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Issue #17 Winter 2017

Time to get in the holiday SPIRIT! In this shoppable holiday issue, we welcome competitive cheerleaders to the mat, encourage winter wellness & list ways to spread holiday cheer before (and after) the New Year. Download our free CheerLiving digital app to enjoy today.

Issue #16 Fall 2017

It’s time to go Full Out, FALL Time! In this issue, we welcome cheerleaders back to the sidelines, to the mat, to the classroom & to the fall season. With sideline cheer under way, and competitions right around the corner, there’s a lot going on in the life of cheerleaders. Download our free CheerLiving digital app to enjoy today.

Issue #15 Summer 2017

Happy Summer Stuntin’! The 2017 CheerLiving Summer Issue is digital, shoppable, and highlights this summer’s hottest practice wear for camps and clinics, what to expect at cheer camp, how to stay fit without leaving the house, how to gear up for school after summer break (in the most fashionable fall sideline styles), and much more! Download the CheerLiving app to read for free today.

Issue #14 Buyer’s Guide 2017

Spring has sprung! The 2017 CheerLiving Buyer’s Guide is a special edition shoppable issue debuting this year’s hottest cheerleading trends, including top picks for practice wear, shoes, uniforms, warmups, bows, socks, accessories; team ordering dos and don’ts; and so much more!

Issue #13 Winter 2016

Happy Winter Wishes! In this issue, we highlight all the ways you can spread holiday cheer, tell competitive cheerleaders how to transition smoothly into their new season, reveal why January is the secret to success, and top it all off with an interactive gift guide featuring the top cheer gifts for any cheerleading enthusiast.

Issue #12 Fall 2016

Welcome to the first-ever, fully-interactive version of CheerLiving! In this issue, we illuminate how to keep summer alive while transitioning into fall, dish on how to balance fun with cheer commitments, give tips on tackling tough choreography, and discuss how to apply cheer camp lessons to your new season.

Issue #11 Buyer’s Guide 2016

It’s spring, and that means it’s time to shop for your next season! In this annual special edition issue, we talk about the biggest growing trends in cheerleading, the fashion-forward items you need for your team, and the hottest cheer gear on the market. We also shoutout to cheerleaders who are taking the industry by storm, so use the hashtag #CheeringForChange on social media to tell us your story. Plus, enjoy 28 extra pages!

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Issue #10 Winter 2015

It’s that time of year again! Competitions, winter cheer events, holiday celebrations, and a well-deserved break from school are all on your agenda. In this issue, we’ll help you navigate through setting new goals and reflecting on your past progress, conquering your winter cheer style, breaking bad habits to keep your skin healthy, and battling negativity throughout the year.

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Issue #9 Fall 2015

Fall means the cheerleading season is back in full swing! You’re busy rocking the sidelines, getting the crowd on its feet, and cheering your hearts out. In this issue, you’ll find everything you need for a successful sideline season. Success in cheerleading starts from the ground up. That’s why we reviewed the top cheer shoes of the season to help you find the perfect pair.

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Issue #8 Summer 2015

A cheerleader’s summer is filled with cheer camp, fundraisers, summer practices, and A LOT of time spent on your own improving your fitness and cheer skills. The summer issue of CheerLiving has everything you need for a great summer of cheer, including summer workout tips, the best cheer camp fashions, tips from the Cheer Channel Superstars of All-Stars, and a cheer chat with two-time Worlds champion and current college cheerleader Maddie Gardner!

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Issue #7 Buyer’s Guide 2015

The upcoming cheerleading season is going to be bigger than ever with more fashion, more fierceness, and, as always, maximum spirit. This special annual edition of CheerLiving is overflowing with everything you need to kick off the 2015 season with a bang! There is so much going on as cheer season kicks off that we had to bump our page count up. We’ve added 20 extra pages of bonus content, including tips, outfits, and fun features.

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Issue #6 Winter 2014

It’s already time to wrap up another year! We have had a blast connecting with you on Facebook, Twitter and other corners of the social media world and bringing you news and notes on everything cheer. The good news is, the year’s not over yet. There’s still time to do what you want to do and finish the year in a way you will be proud of. This issue will help you navigate the competition season with packing and performance tips, deal with change with leadership and sportsmanship tips, and survive another holiday season with our gift guide.

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Issue #5 Fall 2014

Fall is here, and this time of year is important to cheerleading in general, and it is also an important time of year for many of cheerleading’s supporters: breast cancer victims and survivors. By now, cheerleading season is in full swing and it’s a time of high spirits, fun fashions and Friday night lights. Whether this is your first or last year cheering, or you’re somewhere in the middle, we’ve got something for everyone in this issue. We hope that this issue will be as special to you as it is to us! We had a ton of fun putting it together for you, and we wish you a truly amazing season!

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Issue #4 Summer 2014

This is our fourth issue and it’s hard to believe that the first issue was released one year ago! We’ve incorporated changes and upgrades with each issue, always in search of the best topics and best ways to share information with our readers, whether they’re cheerleaders, coaches, parents…you name it! You don’t have to be a new cheerleader to learn more about cheer! The big theme of this issue is success: how to grow and excel as a cheerleader, whether you’ve been cheering for three months or three years.

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Issue #3 Buyer’s Guide 2014

A new cheerleading season is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! The year ahead is full of promise, achievement and spirit. This special BUYER’S GUIDE edition of CheerLiving is so packed with everything you need for the 2014 season that we had to seriously pump up our page count. We really hope you enjoy the 28 pages of bonus content!

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Issue #2 Fall 2013

Our second issue focuses on transitions, from warm weather to cold, from outdoors to indoors, and from the sidelines to the blue mat. We cover the basics of basketball, what you need to know about competitions, how to impress the crowd with an unforgettable pep rally, how to stay safe on the sidelines and more.

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Issue #1, Summer 2013

Our exciting first issue is centered on what’s happening in cheer now. As one season ends, a new one begins and brings opportunities for new bonds, new skills and new gear! Celebrate everything new with activities for teambuilding, tips for ordering uniforms, and guidelines for the football season.

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