CheerLiving® Thanksgiving Special: 8 Reasons to be Thankful for Cheerleading

8 Reasons to be Thankful for Cheerleading:

Happy Thanksgiving from CheerLiving! Watch this video as we reflect on all great things about cheerleading to be thankful for! Share your cheerleading gratitude with us on social media, and don’t forget to download our new CheerLiving app to read the latest CheerLiving releases.

In this video:

While you’re gathered around that cornucopia this Thanksgiving with your friends and family, here are eight reasons to be thankful for your sport:

1. Cheerleading is FUN!
You work hard, you train hard, and you’re sore 110% of the time, but somehow, you’re still having the BEST time.

2. Lifelong friendships.
Now, they SAY you are who you hang out with. But, in the case of cheerleaders, you’ve hit the jackpot! Who better to hang with than your talented, dedicated, smart, and loyal teammates?

3. You challenge yourself.
You literally have to defy gravity. All the time. And, because of that, you feel like a superhero.

4. The self-confidence.
Challenging yourself gives you an ‘edge’ in life, almost like you can accomplish anything! You are NOT afraid!!

5. You make a difference.
Giving back to others feels good. There’s no better feeling than a sense of self-worth than supporting a cause, and no better satisfaction than making a difference. Way to be!

6. You’re on fleek.
Between the hair poof, the uniform, the bow, and the glitter, it’s fun to get all dolled up for a performance.

7. Glitter. Everything.
Everything in cheerleading sparkles, and it’s just the BEST way to live… Granted, you never really get it out of your hair or off your uniform… but, that’s okay…

8. You make jaws drop.
The best way to convince a hater that cheerleading is a sport, is to invite them to witness it for themselves. Cue the utter shock and disbelief…

Please remember to keep your fitness in mind over the holiday season, give back to your community when you can, and thank all of your cheer supporters for all that they do. From our cheer family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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