CheerLiving® Halloween Special: Cheerleading Nightmares

6 Cheerleading Nightmares:

Happy Halloween from CheerLiving! Watch this video as we delight in everything that goes BUMP in the Friday Night Light! Share your cheerleading nightmares with us on social media, and don’t forget to download our new CheerLiving app to read the latest CheerLiving releases.

In this video:

With Halloween just around the corner, now is a good time to vent about the things cheerleaders fear year round. While Halloween displays are scaring passersby with spiders and monster masks, these are the things real nightmares are made of:

1. Falling.
Everyone has falling dreams. But, cheer flyers know these dreams a little too well considering they come true from time to time.

2. Running out of glitter.
Nobody wants to run out of glitter before they’re performance-ready! Glitter is a cheerleader’s best friend, and when it goes away, you just can NOT go on.

3. Your coach saying “one more time.” AGAIN.
Torture is alive and well on each and every conditioning day… but your coach is simply unaware. The human body can only take so much!

4. Running out of bow room.
Being addicted to bows is not scary; running out of room to put them is TERRIFYING. New bows come out every year… and you just have to own them all.

5. Bad cheer hair days.
Cheer hair disasters are the worst. Before you lose all hope, remember to breathe – you can, and will, untangle!

6. Forgetting the routine.
Getting your wires crossed in the middle of your routine might be the ultimate cheer catastrophe. If only there was a way to magically disappear… #BAIL.

Staying safe in this sport is hard to do. Luckily, cheerleading is so fun that all these things are bearable if they happen unexpectedly. Tell us what else you have cheerleading nightmares about on our social media pages, and have a wonderfully wicked Halloween! MUHAHAHAHA!!

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