CheerLiving® Episode 38: Basketball Tips

Basketball Tips:

It’s March, and that means it’s officially March Madness, sideline cheerleaders! You’ve had a thrilling basketball season thus far, and now, it’s crunch time! Basketball is literally a whole different ballgame from football, so there are a few things that cheerleaders need to be aware of.

In this video:

You’ve assimilated nicely back to the sidelines for spring semester, and you’ve pumped up the spirit on the court for your school team. With the playoffs right around the corner, there are still some things that you may not know! So, before you head to the championships, here are four basketball tips to end your sideline season strong.

1. Get designated indoor cheer shoes.
Admit it: you’re still wearing the same shoes on the court that you did on the football sidelines, aren’t ya?? Well, we hate to break it to you, but there are no universal cheer shoes for both indoor and outdoor cheering. If you don’t want to be stuck buying TWO new pairs of cheer shoes next season, you’d best invest in some designated indoor cheer shoes as soon as possible.

2. Pay attention.
Obviously, you’re inside a gym. But, that means you need to pay attention at all times. You never know when a ball is about to go rogue! Situational awareness is the name of the game, especially when both teams are warming up beforehand.

3. Short chants.
Just like being aware of game play, basketball is fast-paced – things change quickly! If you launch into long chants and cheers, you might not be five seconds into it before something else happens to give your team an advantage or disadvantage. So, if you haven’t made the switch to shorter cheers yet, you better do so before you head to the championships.

4. You are seen AND heard.
Unlike football season, your audience is much, much closer to you now! The days of laughing and talking with your teammates without being overheard are… over. Not to worry: a good rule of thumb is to pretend that your coach is always watching, and try not to say anything that could be taken out of context.

Even if you don’t understand basketball AT ALL, it’s easy to pick up the basics. Add the four tips we share in this video into the mix, and you’ll have a solid March Madness to end your season strong. So, have fun, be safe, and cheers to spring sports!

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