CheerLiving® Episode 39: How to Approach Your Coach

How to Approach Your Coach:

As a cheerleader, you have to approach your coach to squash a team issue from time to time. But, there are definitely right and wrong ways to go about it!

In this video:

Sometimes, you just have to approach your coach. Maybe, a stunt’s not working. Maybe, you’re having problems with a teammate. Whatever the issue, there are several ways you can approach your coach over a team issue. But… which way is right??

1. The Super Happy Approach.
Even if you’re not happy AT ALL, you come in smiling. Your coach sees an obvious contrast with the words that you’re saying and your facial expression. Maybe if you smile like you lost your mind, your coach may not care about anything else. Or… maybe not…

2. The Severely Confused Approach.
A teammate has a problem with YOU?? Well, this is the first that you’re hearing about it. You accidentally double-booked your sideline and competitive cheer practices?? WHAAAAAAT?! No. That simply cannot be. No way.

3. The Angel Approach.
The stunt is not working because it’s doomed. Everything is out of your control, and the whole world seems to be against you. The only reason you’re approaching your coach right now is because you kind of think it’s their fault. WHAT. DID. THEY. DO?!?

4. The Angry Approach.
YOU’RE DOING. THE BEST. YOU CAN. WHY IS THERE AN ISSUE?!? You aggressively pull your coach aside, and reprimand them loudly for their lack of leadership and problem-solving skills. Grrrrr, ANGERRRRR!

5. The Right Approach.
If you haven’t been able to figure it out yet, there is only one right way to approach your coach — calm, mature, and above all else, open-minded. Your coach is your mentor, and they deserve respect! Three things to keep in mind: organize your thoughts ahead of time, focus on a solution, and try to check your emotions at the door. Do those three things, and you’ll be able to get to the bottom of any team issue!

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