CheerLiving® Episode 40: Cheer Mom Problems

Cheer Mom Problems:

Where would a cheerleader be without a passionate, competitive, and downright quirky cheer mom?? In light of Mother’s Day, we illuminate five problems that cheer moms know all too well…

In this video:

Cheer moms are a special breed of sports moms. That being said, being a cheer mom is no easy task! With so much to do in so little time to do it in, here are five problems that only cheer moms would understand.

1. No down time.
Have you heard of this thing called ‘free time’? Apparently, it’s ALL THE RAGE. However, you’re a cheer mom, where free time literally flies out the window as you drive six sugared-up cheerleaders hours away to a weekend competition. It’s all worth it though… when they win…

2. Staying organized.
Staying organized is a challenge for any parent, but as a cheer parent, it’s next to impossible. You have to keep track of cheer practices, work, family, doctor visits, your cheerleader’s teammates leaving their stuff in your car… Bring on the controlled chaos; there’s a method to this madness!

3. The poof.
It’s an industry standard, yet simply against physics. Cheer moms perfect the poof over time, but that learning curve is something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy! If only there was a Poof 101 class for parents, or something…

4. Craft stores.
There’s no escaping it: all cheer moms have a love/hate relationship with arts and crafts stores. Between the homemade nows and the affectionate signs for the stands, cheer moms need all the art supplies they can get.

5. Family vacations.
Who has time for vacations when you have to travel here, there, and everywhere for competitions?? Carting your whole family off to Orlando may be costly, but it will be fun! Especially, when you meet the M-O-U-S-E in charge, decked out in your cheerleader’s team colors.

The passion of a cheer mom is undeniable. It doesn’t matter if your gym is across town in rush hour traffic, their wallet is stretched to the limit, or their life is permanently put on hold between the months of August and May, cheer moms are in it to win it! So, make sure to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day from all of us at CheerLiving, and keep the love flowing 24/7!

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