CheerLiving® Episode 41: Cheers to Cheer Dads

Cheers to Cheer Dads:

Cheer dads have the odds stacked against them from the start. With Father’s Day right around the corner, we honor cheer dads by bringing five common obstacles to light.

In this video:

Hey, cheer dads! You might not know a lot about cheer, but you signed on for good the minute your child made the team… and that already makes you a pretty cool dad! Cheer might seem easy, but there are some definite obstacles, especially for cheer dads. Like these five things:

1. Seeing cheer as a sport.
Congrats, you’ve just become a cheer dad! As the coach hands you a hefty packet and practice schedule, you now realize just how involved you have to be. As your cheerleader trains tirelessly for competitions, you start to notice that you’re defending this ‘not a sport’ sport all of a sudden.

2. Glitter.
What a horrible invention! It makes your cheerleader shine bright like a diamond, but it gets EVERYWHERE. Plus, as a dad, makeup is not your forte… but you’ll get the hang of it in time.

3. Pop music.
You’ve become the carpool master, and have heard every song on the radio about 10,000 times. But, the girls in the backseat have to sing EVERY TIME. Don’t act like you don’t know the words… quick! Here comes your big solo!!

4. Traveling with the team.
What’s worse than your teenager being all hyped up? Compounding the noise with all of her teammates being all hyped up. Mix travel excitement, hyperactive cheerleaders, and four hours of carpool karaoke together, and you might question your sanity behind volunteering for the team chaperone position. Go ahead and hit the hotel mini bar when you get there… you’ve earned it.

5. The routine.
You’ve gone to every practice, every game, and you’ve been helping your cheerleader at home. Naturally, you know the routine. At the competition, you stand going through the motions without shame. Don’t worry, all the other parents are doing it.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle of them all is realizing your child is growing up. Cheerleading has taught them to be strong and confident, so be THEIR biggest cheerleader as they start figuring things out on their own — both in the world, and in the world of cheer. Happy Father’s Day to all you cheer dads out there, and keep up the great work!

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