CheerLiving® Episode 42: Cheer Camp Hacks

Cheer Camp Hacks:

As a cheerleader, summer only means one thing — CHEER CAMP! Or, clinics… depending on your team’s style. Make the most of your time there with these four cheer camp hacks in mind.

In this video:

With camp and clinics looming on the horizon, you’re about to be away from home, living the good life, and making lasting memories with your friends. What could be better than that? Well… to remember it! Without retaining the information coming at you, what’s the point of even going? To avoid an in-one-ear-and-out-the-other kind of mentality, here are four cheer camp hacks to keep you on cheer camp track.

1. Blueberries.
You probably thought this list was going to start off with something like ‘write stuff down’… well, how are you going to do that if you aren’t paying attention in the first place? Cue: blueberries, a superfruit proven to up mental acuity. Plus, it also helps with your heart, your digestive system, and it’ll make your skin look AWESOME.

2. Break it down.
There is a lot of information coming at you, so doing a quick recap at night is in your best interest. If you hit some snags, jot down some notes that you can reference when you get back home.

3. Make it a game.
Everyone knows that cheer camp is a great team-bonding experience, so why not combine learning with laughing? Get your teammates behind your learning initiative by turning what you learned during the day into a fun game at night, like Memory or Charades!

4. Get enough sleep.
It might seem counterintuitive from the last hack, but you have to cut the team bonding when it gets too late at night. Sleep is imperative for learning! Sleep deprivation causes irritation, inattentiveness, and incoordination — all of which is a recipe for a bad day! Plus, do you really want to explain to your coach why you slept through the morning alarm??

Cheer camp can easily get you distracted, but with a little effort to retain the material while you’re there, you’ll definitely be able to come home from cheer camp happy and full of useful cheer knowledge. Travel safe, make sure to double-check your cheer bag before you leave, and have an epic time at cheer camp this summer!

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