CheerLiving® Episode 43: Sideline Mistakes

Sideline Mistakes:

Happy start of a new sideline season! Before the start of Friday Night Lights, it’s good to know what NOT to do on the sidelines before it’s too late.

In this video:

After weeks of prepping cheers, routines, and pep rallies, you’re in top shape, filled with school spirit and ready to rock and roll! Little do you know that a few small mistakes could ruin the whole ride! Before you spike your entire sideline career, here are five sideline mistakes to avoid if you want to have a good season.

1. Underexaggerating.
The distance from the crowd differs from sport to sport, and the farther you are away, the more you have to exaggerate what you’re doing! Write this down: football season is great for amplified facials, makeup and accessories. Basketball season is good for that too, but go for a less bold look since you are closer to the fans.

2. Skipping the warmup.
You may feel warmed up after a few minutes of cheering, but good warmup is key for an injury-free season. Just do your due diligence: show up a couple minutes early to the game, and stretch it out!

3. Safety hazards.
There might not be big obstructions on the sidelines, but there could be minor safety hazards lurking about. Before you tuck and tumble down the track, make sure to check your area for trash, helmets, anything that could be launched from the student section, and more.

4. Not knowing the rules.
Every cheerleader can benefit for knowing the sport they’re cheering for, whether that’s football or basketball season when the time comes! Even if your captain has to call out the majority of the cheers, having a basic understanding of the sport is essential.

5. Being too quiet.
HELLOOO, ARE YOU OUT THERE?!? If your fans can’t hear you, what’s the point of even having a cheer team?? So, pump up the volume on that voice of yours! Need help? That’s what megaphones are for.

Now that you know what not to do, it’s time for you to have the best sideline season EVER!! If you’re loud enough, proud enough, knowledgable and safe enough, you have nothing to worry about… except what you’re wearing to Homecoming, but you have time for that.

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