CheerLiving® Episode 47: #CoachGoals


Coaching cheerleading is tough. In light of ‘New Year, New Me’, here are five completely unattainable cheer coach goals to help shape ones you can reach in the coming year.

In this video:

Coaching isn’t easy, especially if you’re season isn’t going your way. You make the tough calls, you motivate your cheerleaders to bounce back after a loss, you make all the travel arrangements, you have to deal with parents you just don’t get it that their cheerleader has to be on time and present at practice even if they’re sick — and, oh yeah, stay sane throughout the whole process. In light of ‘New Year, New Me’ and the fact that cheer coaches get put through the ringer, here are five ideal situations that cheer coaches WISH were #coachgoals.

1. Down time.
After years of 100% cheer-oriented travel, Hawaii sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? How about a solid nap in between work and cheer practice? Family game night??

2. Obedient cheerleaders.
Running a cheer team is like having 20-40 children of your own — all with different temperaments and personalities. Backlash happens. Whether you’re switching up the stunt groups or the routine, you’ve grown accustomed to gripes. And, HEX on the parents who feed their cheerleader straight sugar before they get dropped off on your mat!

3. Getting funded.
Forget wishing, hoping and scratching lotto tickets… one day, fate is going to bestow upon you a giant cheer check to fix all of your problems forever. Go ahead and buy all the cheer shoes.

4. Legal stunts. All of them.
You’ve worked hard to make it, teach it. Your cheerleaders have worked hard to perfect it. They hit — it’s GLORIOUS! And, it’s also ILLEGAL. And, all eyes are on you. But, one day, you’re going to rock score sheets like they’ve never been rocked before! (With no deductions.)

5. Having an assistant.
You know how they say that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’? Well, running a cheer team takes just as many hands on deck and having an assistant sounds awfully nice. Now, to just get some minions… at the minion store…

Okay, obviously these coach goals are never going to happen — but, a coach can dream! You work really hard and most of you are on a voluntary basis, so cheers to you for hanging in there with so much stress on your back. And, if you happen to squeeze in some milestones along the way, even better! Happy New Year, from all of us at CheerLiving, and wishing you the greatest success in your cheer season.

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